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At WVU Tech, students connect with tutors to improve their skills, do well in classes and to be better all-around students. Not only does tutoring help students who are struggling in a course, it can also help ‘B’ students become ‘A’ students. Many of our best students have used tutoring services at one time or another.  

Tutoring services at WVU Tech are free

The Student Success Center offers individual tutoring for a variety of courses.  Most of these courses are STEM focused (math, science, and engineering).

Is tutoring for me?

We recommend that you see a tutor at the first sign of trouble. Too often students wait until they are really struggling in a course before seeking help.  

That said, did you know that tutoring is an effective tool for boosting anyone’s academic performance? Tutoring can help an average student become an excellent student. Tutors can assist with checking homework, test preparation, note taking and study skills. Academic self-confidence will increase as you gain better comprehension of course material.  

About our tutors

In addition to maintaining high academic standards, each SSC tutor has been recommended by their program of study for their demonstrated ability to help others learn. Having taken many of the same courses that you are in now, they can also help you build an academic network for your major.

Tutoring expectations

Please remember that the role of a tutor is to help guide you through the process of understanding the subject matter. They support your learning by reviewing key course concepts and helping you to formulate questions that you can take back to your professors about course material. 

Tutors will not do your homework for you or answer questions without challenging you to think. 

To make the most of your tutoring appointment, you will need to come prepared.

How to make an appointment:

Summer Tutoring: Online Math tutoring for Tech classes begins June 5th.
Tutor Availability:

  • Mondays 12:00- 2:00 p.m.
  • Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:00 p.m
  • Wednesdays 2:00 -3:00 p.m.

Please contact Amanda Baker if you would like to connect with the Math tutor (

During the Fall and Spring semesters: If you would like to work with a tutor, please stop by the Student Success Center (SSC) and sign up in the binder on the desk. Additional instructions are provided there.

(If you're looking for TRIO Student Support Services tutoring, visit the  TRIO SSS page.) 
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