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Placement Exam

Placement into Math and English Courses

An integral part of your academic success will be starting in the right courses – taking the correct Math and English courses in your freshman year can affect your entire college experience. Placement is based on:


English Placement

Students with no ACT/SAT/Duolingo score on file or a score too low to place into Engl 101 by itself will be required to take Engl 100, a 2-credit hour Writing Studio course, as a co-requisite to Engl 101.

Math Placement

Students with no ACT/SAT score on file, or who have scores too low to place into Math 124 or Math 126, will begin their math sequence at WVU Tech in Math 122: Quantitative Skills and Reasoning. The ALEKS exam is available to students who meet the following criteria:

No ACT/SAT scores on file


Students wanting to try to test into a higher level math course

The cost for this online exam is $25.00 and it includes three attempts. Students are not able to purchase additional attempts. Click here to learn more and register for an ALEKS exam.

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