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Remote Tutoring

Instructions for accessing tutoring during online instruction days
Welcome to remote Student Success Center tutoring. No doubt, you are viewing this page because the University has shifted to online classes for the day and you still need tutoring assistance.

SSC tutors will be working remotely from their respective locations to help you.

How to access tutoring:

To the right or below (depending on how you are accessing this page) you will find a link for each day of the week.  Since online class days occur randomly throughout the semester, please click on the day which corresponds to your need. You will find:

Once you have selected a tutor, please email them. Please note: 

Your email should provide the tutor with as much specific information as possible on what you need help with. We recommend that you also provide screen shots of your work and class/textbook problem(s).

The tutor will then send an email reply you as soon as possible during their regularly scheduled hours. The email will contain the following information:

*Google Meet is easily accessed via your mix account email through the Portal.  Unfamiliar with Google Meet or need a refresher? Here’s a helpful video .

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