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Carla Meredith has been with WVU Tech since 2017. She has worked in admissions and staffed our Welcome Center. She joined the Student Success Center as an academic advisor in September of 2018. Prior to Tech, she worked in accounting departments within the automotive and nursing home industries.

Carla is unique in having received three bachelor of science degrees from WVU Tech. As a former student, she brings a wealth of information to her advising position. Her respective degrees are in Health Services Administration, Public Service Administration, and Accounting. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in higher education from WVU in the near future.

Carla is a native of the area and has a strong love for the state. During her time off, she can be found making the most of all that is wild and wonderful. She especially enjoys hiking, gardening and kayaking with her furry pals.  

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