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Ask the Advisors

College can be confusing for any student. Whether this is your first semester or your fourth, your success often depends on how well you understand the academic calendar and the actions you take.  For example, when is registration and how do I prepare? When is the last day to drop a class and how do I decide if I should?  

The SSC is here to help. We'll be hosting a series of question and answer sessions throughout the semester. Each session will focus on an important event that occurs during specific weeks of the academic calendar. That said, these sessions are not limited to the focus area.  We want you to ask anything that you are wondering about.

How will these sessions take place?

Unfortunately, the Q and A sessions cannot be hosted live due to Covid-19 precautions. What we will be doing instead is:

One week before a scheduled Q& A session, you will be notified in the Weekly Student Life Digest to view one of our previously recorded sessions that correspond to that week’s important event (see the session links provided). Should that recording not address any question or concern about that week’s topic, we will ask you to submit your question (or on any topic you would like to address) to an SSC advisor. You will have until the Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. of that week's scheduled session to submit questions. 

The SSC will review questions on a rolling basis. Questions will then be grouped by topic and advisors will meet by Zoom to discuss your questions and provide answers. Then we'll post a recording of the session here for you to access anytime during the semester.

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